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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Setting the Stage with a Morning Routine

I have to admit, I have not always been a morning person, but like so many generations of mothers before us, I have found my way to the mourning routine. As mothers, we wear many hats, and our days are filled with a flurry of activity. I have found that it is those few minutes in the morning that set the stage for how our day will run. It can run smoothly or leave us feeling frazzled and tired. Each of us will have our own way of centering ourselves for the day. Journaling, meditation, yoga, coffee and a sunrise, I few quick paragraphs from our favorite book. I have tried them all at some point. I have found for myself that I feel best when I use this time to do the house cleaning run through.
 In about an hour's time I can do a top to bottom clean up that leaves me feeling centered and organized before we all head out for the day. With this done, I know that whatever the day brings that our home will be a welcome place to reconnect. It's those few moments of quiet each morning, however we use them, that allows us to face the day as the wonderful mother's we are meant to be. I encourage you today to start a morning routine that will set the stage for a wonderful day, no matter what life may bring your way.

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