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Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching Up

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here. It's been a busy few weeks of finishing up the spring semester at school. Take my first Immersion test for IIN and moving along on the Family Herbalist Program. I've been playing the active roll of student.

My first CSA share of the year arrived last Wednesday. I was so excited to see all those greens. I'm hoping to post my CSA share every Wednesday so that you can see all the exciting things that are coming my way. This week:
Mixed Salad Greens
Dandelion Greens
Turnip Greens
Bok Choy
2 heads of leaf lettuce
I have to say here that if you have never had the opportunity to join a CSA it is well worth it. I acually joined a CSA two summers ago thinking that local, organic foods would play an integral part of healing my body. I came away from the experience with so much more. For me, the wide variety of produce that I had never tried became the highlight of my week and I ended up loving some new foods I had never heard of before then. I missed having that last summer when it was decided that it just didn't quite make the budget. This year I was excited to find a CSA that offers a work share opportunity. Now not only will I get local and organic produce from May to November, but I will have the chance to spend Saturday morning working on the farm and seeing how things are done. I'm looking forward to going behind the scenes to earn my share this year. It is amazing that having local and organic foods is really available to anyone who seeks it out.

With all those greens and the warm days we've been having this salmon salad as made a daily appearance. A quick fix for an on the go mom.

While I've mentioned it before, I couldn't help posting again a picture of my kids favorite go to meal. I've noticed more and more when talking to busy moms that they just don't know what to fix on the run. Between work schedules and kids sports, there just doesn't seem to be time to cook. This recipe cooks up in about 15 minutes. My kids love this so much that they actually didn't leave any leftovers. It's as simple as a bottle of veggie juice, a few cups of your favorite frozen veggies (mine like the mixed veggies in this), and a good quality pasta. It thickens up into more of a stew than a soup. While I admit to bottles and bags on this one, it is a great option for those on the go moments.
With the CSA season in high gear. I look forward to posting more often on all the new foods that are coming in and what I will be doing with them. So until then.....