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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Story, Part 1

I come from a long line of auto immune diseases. My grandmother got arthritis in her 30's. My mother became a diabetic while pregnant with me at 17. It never went away. At the age of 9 my sister was also diagnosed with diabetes. A few years later she died of undiagnosed Addison's disease. Fast forward a few more years and grandma heads to Mayo Clinic only to find out that she now also has MS. Watching these woman create lives around their illnesses has been amazing. But when it was time for me to have children, I always wondered what they would be up against. So with my first born I took an interest in health. Like most of us at the beginning of journey, a have fumbled my way through many different versions of "health". We do the best we can and hope somewhere along the way things come together.
That was 12 years ago now. I was the lucky one who had somehow managed to escape the ravages of the family line and I was going to make sure that my kids got the best chance for a healthy future.....

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